Monat: Juli 2015

2. Juli 2015

Interview Peter Fattinger (German)

He explains the background of design-guild a faculty of the university. He describes the background of the „mobiles stadtlabor“ a mobile laboratory for urban studies, where the ViennaOpen Festival has its venue for the third time in a row. The Opening of the WikiHouse he welcomes as a extension or new way of architecture next to the mobilen Stadtlabor. He explains that the this is a perfect place for open discussions and exchange of ideas next to the technical university and in the middle of the city. He states that Vienna has to develop more of similar projects and groups or individuals who are willing to establish a new relationship and participation in to the city and city government. (Interview is only in german)

Interview – Peter Fatting – design build / TU Wien from neuearbeit on Vimeo.