Vienna open 2012Viennaopen_logo_2012

As a festival for open design VIENNA OPEN is providing a platform to discuss the idea of open design, open source and open knowledge especially in the fields of data and information, code and hardware, fashion and sound as well as product design. During the festival the VIENNA OPEN gallery where on demand produced products are on display, is also serving as a venue for various workshops and lectures about the subject matter: Visible Data, Open Organization, Open Design, Open Structures, Open Fashion and Open Sound.

Viennaopen_logo_2013Vienna Open 2013

ViennaOpen: the festival for open design, shared economies
and the 3rd industrial revolution

This year’s ViennaOpen Festival is focusing on recent developments in open design, shared economies and the means of production in the third industrial revolution. Open design and the open exchange of ideas, as well as working methods built on cooperation and collaboration, are already in use by creatives around the globe.

Viennaopen_logo_2014Vienna Open 2014

Post-Digital Age and Open Society

The Vienna Open Festival 2014 takes place for the third time in succession. This year, the main focus lies on the open composition of design and architecture as well as on open knowledge transfer and urban development. The festival negotiates current projects and collaborations in the area of culture and creative industries and around the New Critical Theory.


Vienna Open 2015

Pleasure Maximum: Festival for a Open Design and a Open City

The fourth festival in a row, this year’s ViennaOpen puts an emphasis on OpenData, OpenDesign and OpenArchitecture. Another focus is placed on Otto Neurath and visual politics for smart citizens. This year’s festival is, like Otto Neurath 100 years ago, in search of the “Pleasure Maximum“. ViennaOpen covers recent collaborations and projects from the areas of cultural- and creative industries as well as hacktivism tactics and new critical theory.

viennaopenViennaOpen 2016

how to open things, MakerFair 2016

For the fifth year in a row, ViennaOpen is festival that deals with contemporary changes in technology and society. ViennaOpen is a collaborative initiative of individuals, groups and projects. An open innovative process, it deals with all aspects of openness. This year’s motto is how to open things. The first part of the festival is organised during the first Maker Fair Vienna.